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This Must Be The Place

Original Soundtrack, produced by David Byrne

The Vinyl Factory / Moshi Moshi / Indigo Film

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Product Details:

Produced by erstwhile Talking Heads frontman and polymorphous musical legend David Byrne, the soundtrack to this critically acclaimed Sean Penn-starring film, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, is set to become a cult classic.

Featuring 5 new songs composed by Byrne and written by Will 'Bonnie Prince Billy' Oldham (aka The Pieces Of Shit), the soundtrack - hand chosen and largely produced by Bryne himself, also includes songs by Gavin Friday, Jonsi & Alex and Iggy Pop, as well as several covers of 'This Must Be The Place', the Talking Heads classic that lends the film its title.

Hand crafted by The Vinyl Factory, released in conjunction with Moshi Moshi records, and pressed on heavyweight gatefold vinyl, this collectors edition, which also features iconic images from the film, is a must have.


Side A
1. Gavin Friday 'Lord I'm Coming'
2. The Pieces Of Shit 'Lay & Love'
3. The Pieces Of Shit 'Open Up'
4. Mantonvanni & His Orchestra 'Charmaine'

Side B
1. Daniel Hope, Simon Mulligan 'Arvo Part: Spiegel Im Spiegel'
2. Trevor Green 'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)'
3. David Byrne 'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Live'

Side C
1. Julia Kent 'Gardemoen'
2. Jonsi & Alex 'Happiness'
3. The Pieces Of Shit 'Eliza'
4. Iggy Pop 'The Passenger'
5. The Pieces Of Shit 'You Can Live It'

Side D
1. Brooklyn Rider 'Achille's Heel - Il Second Bounce'
2. The Pieces Of Shit 'If It Falls, It Falls'
3. Gloria 'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)'
4. Nuno Bruno E Le 8 Tracce 'Every Single Moment In My Life Is A Weary Wait'
5. The Pieces Of Shit 'The Sword Is Yours'

Available to order now.

About This Must Be The Place:

Cheyenne (Sean Penn) is a former rock star who is still rocking the Goth look. Now 50, he relives the days of superstardom with avid young fan and best friend Mary (Eve Hewson). Living off his royalties he rattles around his grand Dublin mansion until the death of his estranged farther calls him to New York.

Reunited with his family Cheyenne discovers a secret that will send him across America. On a journey through the Midwest, full of surprises and surreal encounters, from New York socialites to ethical gun-shop owners to a reunion with old friend David Byrne of Talking Heads, Cheyenne is on the road trip of his life.