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Bryan Ferry 'The Jazz Age'

Limited Edition Folio

The Vinyl Factory

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Product Details:

"Every note is perfectly placed, the sense of bygone breeziness lovingly accurate"  - The Observer

The Vinyl Factory is pleased to unveil a luxurious 10" hardback folio limited edition of Bryan Ferry's new album, The Jazz Age. Fitting of the era, this bespoke hand-crafted release consists of six 10" vinyl records, housed in a hardback folio with exclusive screen printed artwork - each of the 500 copies hand-signed and numbered by Bryan Ferry.

If there was ever a musical icon and a decade destined to come together it is Bryan Ferry and the Roaring Twenties. The artist as creative powerhouse with a dazzling career of endless surprise, delight and innovation, and the decade - a time of modernity, decadence and bright young things - all driven on by the thrill of it all.

So what better way to celebrate and mark the 40th year anniversary of Ferry's incredible career as a singer and songwriter, than by rearranging his own compositions and have them performed in a 1920's style by his very own Jazz Orchestra?

The 13 songs have been chosen from 11 albums, from his very first release ‘Roxy Music’ (1972) to his recent solo record ‘Olympia’ (2010). It began as an idea, fuelled by Ferry's fascination of that time between the wars known as "The Jazz Age". He decided the songs were to be all completely instrumental reinterpretations.

‘A lot of the music I listen to nowadays is instrumental," Ferry explains "and I wanted to let my songs have a different life, a life without words’.

Ferry put together his very own jazz orchestra comprised of many of the great British jazz players from his past tribute to the 1930’s’, the album ‘As Time Goes By - including his long-term musical director Colin Good, with whom Ferry worked closely on these new arrangements.

Limited Edition details:
* 500 copies worldwide, each hand signed and numbered by Bryan Ferry
* Hardback Folio with exclusive screen printed artwork by renowned French poster artist Paul Colin 
* Six x 10" vinyl records, each with bespoke label artwork
* Essay and credits screen printed on folio, outer spine silver foiled

Six x 10" Vinyl Tracklisting:
Vinyl 1
Do The Strand
Love Is The Drug

Vinyl 2
Don’t Stop The Dance
Just Like You

Vinyl 3
The Bogus Man

Vinyl 4
Slave To Love
This Is Tomorrow

Vinyl 5
The Only Face
I Thought

Vinyl 6
Reason Or Rhyme
Virginia Plain
This Island Earth

This Limited Edition Folio is available to order now, exclusively from The Vinyl Factory.

"Ferry the jazz fan and his pianist Colin Good have mixed the soulful glide of the 1927 Duke Ellington Cotton Club band, the sinister purr of 1940s film noir and those Roxy qualities that went beyond Ferry's dinner-jackets – including their adventurous song structures, which give this vintage sound a very different melodic and harmonic spin. Ferry devotees will love it, and so might plenty of others."
The Guardian
“I started my musical journey listening to a fair bit of jazz, mainly instrumental, and from diverse and contrasting periods” explains Ferry.

“I loved the way the great soloists would pick up a tune and shake it up - go somewhere completely different - and then return gracefully back to the melody, as if nothing had happened. This seemed to me to reach a sublime peak with the music of Charlie Parker, and later Ornette Coleman. More recently, I have been drawn back to the roots, to the weird and wonderful music of the 1920s – the decade that became known as The Jazz Age.

After forty years of making records, both in and out of Roxy Music, I thought now might be an interesting moment to revisit some of these songs, and approach them as instrumentals in the style of that magical period - bringing a new and different life to these songs – a life without words.”

The artwork for The Jazz Age album is comprised of illustrations by the renowned French poster artist Paul Colin. Born in 1892, Colin enjoyed a career spanning over 40 years.

Breathing new life into the art of the poster – Colin’s work brilliantly evokes the music, dance and reckless energy of the Jazz Age. Seeking to re-embrace life, Parisians saw African-American music and dance as a regenerative force, and Colin brought the Jazz Age visually alive with his bold posters of the performers at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.

Influenced by cubism, Colin’s images arrest attention with their appearance of movement and strong, exaggerated lines; they capture, perhaps more than any other works of art, the wild, carefree mood of the Roaring Twenties.

In 1925 a cast of musicians and dancers known as La Revue Nègre exploded onto the stage of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, captivating audiences with the wild movement of erotic new dances like the Charleston.

Inspired by their popularity, Colin celebrated these dancers in a portfolio of 45 hand-coloured lithographs entitled Le Tumulte Noir, portraying the Parisian infatuation with these performers. It was here that Colin first encountered the bewitching Josephine Baker during a rehearsal in which she performed wearing little more than a string of feathers around her waist and neck. They became lovers, life-long friends, and she his muse.

Colin’s strong, dynamic images still transport us back into the heady swing of the Jazz Age.