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TV Mania

Limited Edition Box Set

The Vinyl Factory

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Product Details:

This limited edition box set has now sold out.

"Music fans will be hard-pressed to find a more relevant record"
Huffington Post

The Vinyl Factory are proud to present a stunning collectors edition of TV Mania's album Bored With Prozac and The Internet? Originally conceived in the mid-'90s by Duran Duran’s keyboardist Nick Rhodes and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo and recently discovered deep within the Duran Duran vaults.

TV Mania tracks were constructed by blending television samples and looping rhythm tracks to create a sonically sophisticated collection of songs that now serve as the perfect backdrop for the frenetic energy and atmosphere of today's digital age. Shortly after they completed the final mixes, the original tapes were stored and the project was temporarily shelved as other priorities took hold. The intention was always to find the time between Duran Duran project cycles to go back and release the project - perhaps around some anniversary of the project's inception.

Although they discussed it often over the years, it wasn't until recently when going through material at an out-of-town storage facility, to digitize old masters that were held there, Rhodes discovered the original TV Mania tapes misfiled, and he decided they were long overdue for a release.

Produced by TV Mania (Rhodes and Cuccurullo), Mark Tinley and Anthony J Resta, and mixed by Bob St. John, 'Bored With Prozac and The Internet?' is a conceptual soundtrack for what the duo imagined as a  “bizarre TV soap opera,” about a family who gives away their freedom to scientists in exchange for reality show fame. With song titles like 'Yoghurt and Fake Tan', and 'Using A Hidden Camera—Eyes In The Sky', the pastiche of cool beats and conceptual content proved more prescient than its creators could ever have anticipated at the time.

“We were envisioning a world where a family would give up their day-to-day privacy and allow their existence to be televised to the masses, and this was two years before The Truman Show and four years before Survivor,” said Cuccurullo. “Now everyone is giving away their most intimate details online and on reality TV.”

At the time of the album's creation, the Internet was in its infancy and reality TV only existed in the form of MTV’s hit show The Real World.  The album also explores other modern themes - virtual shopping, surveillance, pharmaceutical drugs, fashion, film, fame and faith. All are now omnipresent in our society, but most were not then.

“When I found the master recordings, I thought ‘Wow, this sounds unbelievably contemporary’" said Rhodes.  "It was also literally like finding a painting and blowing the dust off of it.  Times have certainly changed since we made the record, but the subject matter that inspired this album happens to be at the forefront of today's world, so the songs have weathered the test of time in a strangely beautiful way.”

Box Set Product Details:
* Limited to 100 copies worldwide, each hand signed and numbered by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo (TV Mania)
* Cloth bound pristine white bespoke box with screen printed cover illustration by Vania Zouravliov
* Unique Polaroid taken and hand signed by Nick Rhodes
* Exclusive super glossy 6x4 photograph of TV Mania by Andrew Day
* Warren Cuccurullo drawing screen printed white on black PVC
* 12-page oversized gold-foiled booklet containing exclusive images, artwork and essays by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo
* 3 x 180gram white vinyl - including the album pressed on double white vinyl and a thrid white vinyl containing six remixes (see below for tracklisting)
* 6 x black labels hand-stamped with white ink TV Mania logo
* Creative Direction by Andrew Day

Triple Vinyl Track Listing:

Side A
1.    What About God? 3:28
2.    Euphoria 6:54

Side B
3.    Beautiful Clothes 4:47
4.    You’re Dreaming Pal 2:02
5.    Paramount 5:31

Side C
6.     What’s In The Future? 3:07
7.     I Wanna Make Films 3:52
8.     Yoghurt And Fake Tan 2:25

Side D
9.     Grab The Sun 3:03
10.    Using A Hidden Camera - Eyes In The Sky 4:09
11.    People Know Your Name 4:24

Side E
12.    Beautiful Clothes (Nick Rhodes/Glitter Glam Mix) 5:11
13.    Beautiful Clothes (Peter Wade/MNDR Remix) 4:34
14.    Beautiful Clothes (The New Sins Remix) 5:43

Side F
15.    ‘Euphoria’ (Monikkr Remix) 3:20
16.    ‘Euphoria’ (MSTMX Remix) 5:56
17.    ‘Euphoria’ (Philip Mossman Remix) 5:59

"Music fans will be hard-pressed to find a more relevant record"
Huffington Post

“Strap yourself in, Duran Duran diehards”
Artist Direct

“Bored with Prozac and The Internet?" looks decidedly toward the future”