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American Hardcore

Limited Edition Book, Vinyl & Print

The Vinyl Factory / The Mott Collection / Ditto Press

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Product Details:

The Vinyl Factory and The Mott Collection announce a new exhibition and publication: American Hardcore, 1978-1990.

The exhibition brings together 50 American Hardcore records spanning the apex of the genre from the late 70s up to the 90s, and takes place at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea from 11 April to 4 May 2013.

The collection showcases the subtle shifts and changes, and finally the overall unification of what began as a disparate musical style that developed into a rigid set of fixed codes, sounds, and political beliefs.

From the raw stripped down sounds of Black Flag to the spasmodic reggae influenced Bad Brains, Hardcore emerged as a puritanical suburban rely to the decadence of big city Punk Rock outfits such as the Ramones or the New York Dolls.

Popping up in small West Coast communities like Hermosa Beach, Oxnard and San Pedro and simultaneously in East Coast cities such as Washington DC and Boston the Hardcore movement was obsessively local, yet at the same time extremely far reaching due to the punishing tour schedules bands would put themselves through.

The collection of 50 seven-inch singles will be for sale as a framed artwork from the gallery. In addition, The Vinyl Factory has created this commemorative publication.

Product Details:
* Custom sized, 200 x 250mm publication with outer dust jacket, oversized fold-out print and exclusive 7" vinyl pressing of Black Flag interview from 1981
* Limited to 300 copies worldwide, each hand signed and numbered
* 112-pp section sewn with soft cover, printed on 150gsm Munken Lynx paper; outer dust jacket printed on Munken Black
* Contains oversized fold out print showing the collection of 50 7” American Hardcore singles
* Features extended Q&A with author and UK punk collector Toby Mott and US punk collector and curator Bryan Ray Turcotte
* Published by The Vinyl Factory
* Printed by Ditto Pressd using a Risograph machine - a special print process akin to screen printing, chosen to reflect the DIY aesthetic of the artwork.